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Benefit from enhanced performance – with our new drivers and flexible LED strips!

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Everything’s new in May: Starting this month, you can even benefit from improved cost efficiency, versatility and performance. Our new LED drivers seamlessly combine superior reliability, functionality and functional features for numerous applications – based on state-of-the-art technology. We’ve also got good news about our LED modules to share: With TEC Flex, OSRAM now offers an efficient and flexible 24V LED strip range. Learn more our latest portfolio for luminaires that stand out for even higher performance!

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TEC Flex Generation 1 – our new, extremely flexible LED strip portfolio

The new OSRAM 24V TEC Flex family provides uniform illumination for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications with robust, durable, flexible LED strips. TEC Flex LED strips easily blend in with other light points and allow the optimal customization of individual lighting projects. Thanks to their high efficiency up to 140lm/W, TEC Flex LED strips also save energy in general lighting installations.
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Top performance for trunking systems and high-bay luminaires

Maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient – these are two key criteria when selecting LED drivers for industrial use. With its highly robust and particularly durable OT FIT D 75 NFC IND L, OSRAM is now launching a driver on the market which unfolds its many advantages when integrated into trunking systems or high-bay luminaires.
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You don’t need to be an all-rounder to be FIT: ICUTRONIC IT FIT – LED drivers

When it comes to complex LED lighting projects subject to high cost pressure, the ICUTRONIC LED driver range from OSRAM is now a perfectly viable alternative to our OPTOTRONIC devices: The new IT FIT constant-current LED drivers cover a smaller range of functions, but nevertheless offer all you need to create good lighting. 
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High flexibility for flat lighting systems: The product family OT SLIM 24V CV Flat LED

These durable LED drivers prove their worth especially where slim luminaires or tracks are used. The new range now offers more wattages and a significantly smaller housing. Therefore, the product family with 30, 60, 100, 160 and 250 watts is one of our smallest in this power range.
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Updated LED driver overview – 05/2020

We regularly update our proven LED driver portfolio in order to ensure that we can offer the right product, whatever your requirements may be. The updated overview of our range provides you with relevant key data.
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Light quiz – Making fuel from sunlight?

It is widely known that light can be used to make various products, but also fuel? Scientists have succeeded in developing a solar refinery that produces an energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas) from sunlight and air. The facility filters out water and carbon dioxide from surrounding air, and then runs a thermochemical redox cycle to convert them into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. It thus creates a synthesis gas that can serve as a basis for producing fuel. Do you know which fuel?

Question: What kind of fuel does the new solar system produce?
a) Bioethanol for hybrid vehicles 
b) Synthetic diesel fuel for motor vehicles
c) Solar jet fuel
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