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Even though many things don’t go as planned this summer, the following is certain: The future of light will continue to be shaped by innovative and intuitive technologies. To follow this trend, OSRAM offers new products, up-to-date brochures and efficient, updated tools for even enhanced performance

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All at a glance: Discover our broad range of TEC Flex products

Simply download the TEC Flex brochure: It provides a comprehensive overview of the new LED light strip family as well as all the necessary technical data and ordering information. Learn more about the benefits!
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BackLED AREA G1 – Backlighting large areas evenly and efficiently

With our new products BackLED AREA G1 900 and the corresponding Tunable White version BackLED AREA G1 900 TW, OSRAM offers you innovative solutions and unprecedented flexibility for your next indoor LED backlighting project – especially if you want to design light boxes with shallow depths between 40 and 90 mm.
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Extremely compact LED drivers for slim track systems: the versatile OT FIT CS T product range

Today’s modern lighting systems are becoming slimmer and slimmer, but even more powerful! The new generation of our LED drivers for state-of-the-art tracks are the perfect choice for any mounting situation. 
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Now also as an SELV version: ICUTRONIC ETi DALI with DALI-2 certification

After launching the ICUTRONIC ETi DALI product range in a non-isolated version, OSRAM now also has an SELV version of these powerful LED drivers: We thus complement our ETi DALI product range, offering an even larger application spectrum for the cost-efficient design of both linear and area general lighting installations.
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Update: Driver Selector Tool

OSRAM offers you the ideal driver to suit your requirements, applications and luminaires. Indoor or outdoor, constant current, linear or compact design – the LED driver portfolio from OSRAM provides maximum choice. Finding the right driver for your requirements has never been that easy: Fill in your criteria – and the user-friendly tool suggests your perfect match!

  • Up-to-date driver portfolio
  • Use the application filter to search e.g. for “CV” (Constant Voltage)
  • The tool calculates the driver efficiency based on user-entered values
  • Graphical representation of the efficiency achieved with different loads
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Update: Lighting Designer 

The OSRAM Lighting Designer is a user-friendly tool which helps you to determine the perfect combination of LED modules and drivers in no time at all.
Find the OSRAM lighting system of your choice with just a few clicks. 

  • New input boxes: luminous flux (lm) or operating current (mA)
  • Galvanic isolation: SELV / non-isolated operation
  • User-friendly LED module filter and intuitive selection
  • Module combinations
  • The tool calculates the driver efficiency based on user-entered values
  • Simple selection of the ideal LED driver and graphical representation of the efficiency achieved with different loads
  • Brief summary and e-mail me
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Easy light management via smartphone and Bluetooth

OSRAM offers you the best conditions for implementing or modernizing lighting systems quickly, efficiently and without a great deal of effort in such a way that lighting control by a smartphone app via Bluetooth can be realized. Read more about the new Bluetooth-based control units in our brochure.
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Light quiz – What really attracts mosquitoes?

A constant swarm of mosquitoes can be a real nuisance and drive us crazy. But what can we do to get rid of these bloodthirsty fiends other than swatting madly at the pests? Scientists agree when it comes to this topic. Everybody knows that light magically attracts these beasts, which is why we should not switch the lights on near an open window on a hot summer’s evening. It is also obvious that mosquitoes usually prey on kids due to their ‘sweet’ blood. And a bright green tee shirt certainly also attracts those little bloodsuckers. But is this all true?

Question: What really attracts mosquitoes?

a) The blood composition
b) Bright light, especially cool white light
c) An individual’s body odor and the carbon dioxide exhaled
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