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LED driver classification provides orientation

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Summer is the season when we all enjoy spending as much time as possible in the open air – but it’s also just the right time for important lighting projects. A prime example: our case study. Get a sneak peek into a modern fitness studio and learn more about how functional lighting can be controlled efficiently at all times of day. OSRAM provides you with all you need to implement a cutting-edge lighting system: LED drivers for optimal lighting quality and ready for the IoT, stylish spotlights and downlights for cost-efficient retrofitting, as well as online tools allowing you to seamlessly combine your LED drivers and modules.
Our DS Light Academy provides you with state-of-the-art lighting know-how – just what you need to implement lighting projects for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

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Which of the OSRAM LED drivers fits the best to your needs?

Main features and benefits of OSRAM linear, compact and outdoor LED driver – find out more in our LED driver overview.
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KIT PrevaLED COIN 50 COB G2 – picked, installed, ready to go!

You’re on the lookout for a quick and efficient replacement for traditional downlights? Learn more about the new PrevaLED COIN 50 KIT from OSRAM today already!
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Now also as an SELV version: ICUTRONIC ETi DALI with DALI-2 certification

After launching the ICUTRONIC ETi DALI product range in a non-isolated version, OSRAM now also has an SELV version of these powerful LED drivers: We thus complement our ETi DALI product range, offering an even larger application spectrum for the cost-efficient design of both linear and area general lighting installations.
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Case study: Interior Lighting Fitness Studio, Prime Time Fitness Maximilianstraße - Munich, Germany

Human Centric Lighting for First-Class Fitness Studio. Innovative lighting system creates flexibility and ambience.
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Light quiz – What is the secret of a glowing sea?

On some coasts, the water suddenly begins to glow a uniform eerie blue time and time again, fascinating and enchanting nighttime visitors. This phenomenon mainly occurs in hot countries, but wonderfully glowing tides can also be observed on the North and Baltic Sea coasts on hot summer evenings. The water then becomes illuminated by fluorescent light. The reason for nature’s dazzling nocturnal light show: large masses of bioluminescent microorganisms.

Question: What stimulates these bioluminescent microorganisms?

a) Mechanical stimuli such as swimmers or fish
b) Friction effects between the microorganisms themselves
c) Extraordinarily high surface tension of the water
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