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July 2020: LED driver classification provides orientation

  • Which of the OSRAM LED drivers fits the best to your needs?
  • KIT PrevaLED COIN 50 COB G2 – picked, installed, ready to go!
  • Now also as an SELV version: ICUTRONIC ETi DALI with DALI-2 certification

June 2020: Focus on innovation, rely on efficient tools for future-proof systems

  • All at a glance: Discover our broad range of TEC Flex products
  • BackLED AREA G1 – Backlighting large areas evenly and efficiently
  • Extremely compact LED drivers for slim track systems: the versatile OT FIT CS T product range

May 2020: Benefit from enhanced performance – with our new drivers and flexible LED strips!

  • TEC Flex Generation 1 – our new, extremely flexible LED strip portfolio
  • Top performance for trunking systems and high-bay luminaires
  • You don’t need to be an all-rounder to be FIT: ICUTRONIC IT FIT – LED drivers

April 2020: All you need for an easy upgrade and smart systems

  • Installing a HubSense network with luminaires the easy way
  • Wireless lighting control – now easier than ever before
  • Generation change: new LED modules for recessed ceiling luminaires

April Special 2020: Wireless lighting control with HubSense: Intuitive, simple and flexibly scalable

  • Intuitive commissioning experience
  • OSRAM partnership with Silvair: "For an open system solution"
  • HubSense for advanced users: Workshops in the OSRAM DS Light Academy

March 2020: Leverage the full potential of intelligent lighting technology

  • Intelligent data usage for spotlights and downlights
  • Staying ahead with state-of-the-art technology
  • Optimized lighting for industry and retail

February 2020: For slim luminaires with power and data for IoT

  • Light and Building 2020 postponed to September
  • State-of-the-art lighting for today’s modern world
  • OSRAM complements its OT FIT LED driver portfolio

February special 2020: Explore the infinite possibilities at Light+Building 2020!

  • Explore the possibilities of Connection
  • Explore the possibilities of Health & Well-being
  • Explore the possibilities of Safety & Security

January 2020: Light + Building trade fair and cutting-edge lighting solutions from OSRAM

  • OSRAM at Light+Building 2020 – Hall 8.0, Booth F30
  • Low height of only 16 mm for sophisticated luminaire design
  • Case study: Dubai Mall indoor and outdoor lighting – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

December 2019: Smart into the New Year – with our latest year-end news

  • Compact and ready for the IoT: OTi DALI NFC
  • LED drivers for emergency lighting (EL)
  • Available from now on: the Tuner4TRONIC software update v3.11

November 2019: New LED drivers: advanced fields of application, user-friendly connection

  • DEXAL LED driver for smartly connected lighting systems
  • Simply perfect for dimmable LED spotlights: OT FIT 8/18 CS PC
  • Flexible all-rounders for unobtrusive luminaire systems: ELEMENT S

November special 2019: Easy retrofit of lighting control – now wireless with HubSense

  • Easier than you think: HubSense in office modernization
  • Pre-commissioning, installing and assigning – 1-2-3, done!
  • Simple, useful and scalable retrofit projects

October 2019: FIT on the linear line – The new linear lighting systems provide power for your projects

  • Cost-efficient packages for switchable luminaires
  • 16 mm flat drivers for elegant office luminaire design
  • Robust all-rounders: PrevaLED Linear IND G1 LED modules and OT IND LED drivers

October Special 2019: Brilliant technology for radiant design structures

  • Imposing installations – automatically controlled
  • SYMPL Light Management for large-area outdoor installations
  • Dynamic lighting in confined spaces: wireless solutions

September 2019: 3 brand new innovations: for horticulture or industrial lighting – or with the well-proven basic features

  • IoT for industry – predictive DEXAL LED drivers
  • Uncompromising performance, minimal cost: ICUTRONIC ETi DALI
  • Strong lighting for strong plant growth

July/August 2019: Perfect linear illumination – benefit systematically, with a system package

  • Comprehensive portfolio for high performance and high efficiency
  • PrevaLED Linear G5: high efficiency and cost effectiveness combined
  • Cost-efficient system solution for office and industrial lighting: BASIC Linear G3 LED-Module

June 2019: Are you ready to use sophisticated lighting technology for data communication?

  • Stylish appearance and DIM to Warm: simply priceless for your guests’ wellbeing
  • Fit for the Internet of Things (IoT) – with smart OSRAM LED drivers
  • The perfect overview: Smart light management from Basic to Professional

June Special 2019: The new digital city infrastructure with DEXAL

  • Cities and municipalities get ready for the future – with DEXAL!
  • Lighting as the backbone of the IoT
  • Interview with Anett Wagner, Product Manager Outdoor Lighting Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH

May 2019: Look for quality and power – enjoy more performance and efficiency!

  • Flat and flexible LED driver for your office projects
  • Compact power wonder for recessed LED ceiling luminaires
  • Online-Tool Driver Selector

May Special 2019: Light is the soul of architecture

  • Wall washing, wall grazing and general lighting come in one system
  • The ideal partner for outdoor installations

April 2019: Plug and play or individual adjustment – solutions for Tunable White and HCL

  • Create Tunable White and Human Centric Lighting with OSRAM
  • Simple color and brightness control for standing luminaires
  • Highlighting architectural details

April Special 2019: The digital infrastructure – now with DEXAL!

  • Luminaires with DEXAL technology provide data for smart, radio-based networks
  • Interview with Hannes Wagner, Product Manager at OSRAM
  • Open standard for future-proof lighting systems

March 2019: Smart programming of indoor and outdoor luminaires has never been easier!

  • With just a few clicks: Programming indoor luminaires and street lights via smartphone app
  • Flat design for extensive data exchange – the new OTi DALI NFC F L LED driver family
  • Simple, short and cost-efficient – the solid LED driver

March 2019 Special: Light is the soul of architecture

  • Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster – LINEARlight Rigid NICHE
  • Modular lighting solution for miniaturized luminaires

February 2019: Ready for wireless technologies, for connected light?

  • Your know-how for dynamic Tunable White systems!
  • Connected light with the new DEXAL driver OTi DX D NFC L
  • LED drivers with NFC interface save time and money

January 2019: Follow the digital trend – start your projects with a system solution!

  • 2019 is the Year of IoT Lighting
  • Make up your mind quickly and secure one of the last remaining places!
  • Fashion and food in special lighting from OSRAM