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OSRAM OEM News December 2018: Flat, circular and flexible – News at the turn of the New Year

  • OSRAM Digital Systems website –
  • Make up your mind quickly and secure one of the last remaining places!
  • OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 LP – simply ideal for flat luminaires and low suspended ceilings

OSRAM OEM News November 2018: Open for diversity – networked variety in the project

  • More partners join the OSRAM DEXAL program
  • Tuner4TRONIC v3.7 update with DEXAL driver support
  • Controlling light without a control unit

OSRAM OEM Newsletter October 2018: LED drivers, LED modules and events – an autumn medley for good light

  • Products "Made in Europe"
  • The new product family of ultra-flat (11 mm) linear LED drivers: OT FIT 35/75 D LT2 UF L
  • Matching of LED module and LED driver in constant-current systems

OSRAM OEM Newsletter September 2018: Fit for the future? First-hand information appears in the best light on the international stage

  • Learn and become an expert: OSRAM DS Light Academy
  • DALI PS 100 LI simplifies retrofitting of ON/OFF installations

OSRAM Special Newsletter September 2018: Light is your design

  • Your design is our mission – Discover the new Flexible lighting catalog
  • Touch the Sky!
  • Light is your ideal warm white

OSRAM OEM Newsletter July/August: NFC compact – three new compact DALI LED drivers with NFC and further innovations

  • Gernot Steinlesberger appointed CEO EMEA OSRAM Digital Systems
  • Compact LED drivers – OTi DALI NFC
  • DISC – Versatile LED modules for downlights

OSRAM OEM Newsletter June 2018: Whether Mini or Maxi: NFC works in any case! LED drivers providing the utmost flexibility.

  • Now available: the new generation of OSRAM 4DIM LED drivers
  • The new Mini – OTi DALI 10 NFC
  • Basic Linear G2 LED modules – Application guide for smooth luminaire integration

OSRAM OEM Special Newsletter June 2018: Light is yours to command

  • Unlocking your full potential with App Control
  • App Control is revolutionizing commercial lighting: An interview with the experts from OSRAM
  • Save time, effort and labor with App Control

OSRAM OEM Newsletter May 2018: 135 LED drivers at a glance and up to 10 years guarantee for you

  • SYSTEM GUARANTEE: Extended OSRAM guarantee
  • OPTOTRONIC LED drivers – updated overview
  • Standardization of NFC programming interfaces

OSRAM OEM Newsletter April 2018: Now even more choice: LED drivers and LED modules for your outdoor applications

  • 1DIM LED driver family: now extended by 75 and 110 W
  • Improved LED drivers also for harsh conditions: OPTOTRONIC 24 V IP 67 Gen2
  • PrevaLED COIN 50 und 111 COB G1 – modules with integrated optics and heat sink

OSRAM OEM Newsletter March 2018: Digitalization with OSRAM technology

  • Light + Building 2018: "City of the Future" was a magnet for visitors
  • Tuner4TRONIC Field speeds up the installation and maintenance of street lighting
  • Now available: OTi DALI D NFC IND L in 100 and 150 W

OSRAM OEM Special Newsletter March 2018: Digital Lighting Systems at Light+Building 2018

  • How will you create an inspiring working space in the future?
  • How will you ensure intelligent industry applications in the future?
  • How will you manage sustainable and safe cities in the future?

OSRAM OEM Newsletter February 2018: Innovations for modern working worlds

  • Available soon: Linear LED drivers for Tunable White and HCL applications
  • PrevaLED Area – new generation is now available
  • Dubai: “Gold on 27” bar illuminated with OSRAM LED modules

OSRAM OEM Special Newsletter February 2018: Modern industrial lighting, energy-efficient and powerful

  • High savings potential thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology and intelligent control
  • Efficient solutions for demanding customers: An interview with the experts from OSRAM
  • Durable, low-maintenance, high-quality: This is industrial lighting today

OSRAM OEM Newsletter January 2018: Light management systems: your perfect choice for controlling standard or Tunable White lighting solutions

  • Lighting concepts for the modern working world
  • DALI ACU BT – the new light control unit which can also be controlled via smartphone app
  • DALIeco BT: Easy control of DALI via smartphone

OSRAM OEM Special Newsletter January 2018: Improved quality of life due to Human Centric Lighting

  • Lighting concepts for the modern working world
  • We make HCL easy: An interview with the experts from OSRAM
  • Tunable White and HCL: Control for any size

OSRAM OEM Newsletter December 2017: Energy and maintenance costs in focus

  • Now available: the new 1DIM LED drivers
  • 2018 – Digitalization is on everybody’s lips today
  • House of Elemis Spa – London, UK

OSRAM OEM Newsletter November 2017:
Explore interconnected light systems with DALI control – ENCELIUM Wireless wins LuxLive Award 2017

  • LuxLive Award: Control Product of the Year – ENCELIUM Wireless
  • ENCELIUM – combines wired and wireless light management
  • UltraFlat light and presence sensors for luminaire integration – now as DALI version!

OSRAM OEM Newsletter October 2017: Fit for the future

  • OSRAM opens central manufacturing site in Europe
  • OSRAM launches DALI-2 certified LED drivers
  • Light is the soul of architecture

OSRAM OEM Newsletter September 2017: More choice, maximum comfort

  • Light is versatile – PrevaLED Linear in the 4th generation
  • Light management is the solution – ENCELIUM
  • Comfortable lighting control via smartphone

OSRAM Special Flex Newsletter September 2017: LIGHT IS YOUR STRUCTURE

  • Face your architectural lighting challenges with our LINEARlight Flex systems
  • OTi DALI CV driver – the perfect partner
  • Update of Backlighting brochure

OSRAM OEM Newsletter July/August 2017: System solutions for lighting

  • Homogeneous light for every design
  • New DALI Pro 2.1.1 software version
  • OSRAM LED drivers at a glance

OSRAM OEM Newsletter June 2017: Lighting ideas with system

  • Sophisticated luminaire design
  • OSRAM OPTOTRONIC with "integrated" high light quality
  • Inrush current of OSRAM DALI drivers significantly reduced

OSRAM Special Newsletter June 2017: Light is concept

  • These components guarantee flexible success
  • Brilliant design for the County Mall
  • Discover our "Tunable White" for flexible lighting systems

OSRAM OEM Newsletter May 2017: A complete modular system for LED luminaires

  • Turn your lighting ideas into reality!
  • Constant current LED driver update
  • DALIeco – Universal plug & play light control

OSRAM OEM Newsletter April 2017: Develop whatever you want

  • A perfectly tailored system
  • Case study: Siemens headquarters in Munich, Germany
  • Amplitude dimming down to 1 % now in 50 W

OSRAM OEM Newsletter March 2017: Spring comes with many topics

  • Customized luminaire designs
  • PrevaLED Core Z6 LED modules out now
  • Flexible and reliable non-isolated driver with LEDset interface

OEM special newsletter March 2017: Your design vision becomes reality

  • OSRAM UltraFlat System

OSRAM OEM Newsletter February: Many product highlights

  • DALI PCU – manual dimming made easy
  • Intuitive light control via smartphone
  • Visit OSRAM at the EuroShop

OSRAM OEM Newsletter January 2017: A sparkling start to the New Year

  • Integrate homogenous lines of light in any object
  • PrevaLED COIN product presentation as a film
  • OSRAM SubstiTUBE - Great choice, true innovations

OSRAM OEM Newsletter December 2016: In Christmas mood

  • Inspiring architects and designers
  • Constant voltage LED power supply 24 V
  • Convince yourself: The homogeneous light

OSRAM OEM Newsletter November 2016 - II: Year-end rally

  • Light is at is best when watched live – After VISCOM is before EUROSHOP
  • Efficient outdoor luminaire solutions from OSRAM
  • Information about LED drivers for emergency lighting

OSRAM OEM News November 2016: Highlights and the event in November

  • Light is smart - OSRAM at LuxLive
  • New compact LED driver family
  • Your partner for innovate Lighting Design

OSRAM OEM News September 2016: Products, tools, software - autumn brings an amazing variety of choices!

  • DALI PCU - the world's first DALI all-in-one pushbutton control unit for flush box mounting
  • OT FIT CS G2 - the new generation of LED drivers is now available!
  • Linear light: excellence right down the line

OSRAM OEM News June/July 2016: Always up to date!

  • OSRAM LED OUTDOOR drivers for emergency lighting with central battery systems
  • ULTRAFLAT DALI LED drivers for ultraflat luminaires!
  • PrevaLED Linear AC light engines are on stock now

OSRAM OEM News May 2016: LED drivers bring quality to the game

  • PrevaLED Flat AC combined with DALI to enable slim luminaire designs
  • Properties of high-quality LED drivers
  • Complementary information concerning LED drivers (inrush currents and emergency lighting certificates)

OSRAM OEM News April 2016: Simple and flexible LED solutions

  • Find the perfect dimmer for your PrevaLED COIN 50 spotlight
  • Simply combine your Flexible LED strips
  • Light Engines and LED modules for spotlights, downlights and wall-mounted luminaires

OSRAM OEM News March 2016: Creative lighting design and reliable street lighting

  • The new lightness of design
  • Light is OSRAM: the new 2016/2017 light program is now available!
  • The EQUI concept provides effective overvoltage protection for LED streetlighting

OSRAM OEM News March 2016 (Special): Light is smart

  • LUXeye – the smart way of controlling light
  • 50 % more design freedom – with the UltraFlat system
  • 360° – the outstanding way of lighting

OSRAM OEM News February 2016: Inventive light concepts for implementing your bright ideas

  • PrevaLED Coin LED modules are also available in various AC versions for Plug & Play
  • Illumination of European Energy Exchange (EEX) Logos with LED backlighting and OSRAM LED drivers in Leipzig
  • Poster update: OSRAM light management systems

OSRAM OEM News January 2016: Light shows the way

  • OSRAM will showcase intelligent lighting solutions at Light & Building 2016 in Frankfurt am Main
  • The new OUTDOOR LED driver family with 700 mA constant current is now available
  • Maximum permissible number of OUTDOOR LED drivers on MCBs (Completion by additional LED drivers)