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Optimized lighting for industry and retail


16.03.2020 | Products

PrevaLED Bar G4 LED modules provide the perfect atmosphere and ideal working conditions

When it comes to lighting installations in retail shops and production facilities, illuminating the whole range of products and each and every working area is crucial. Here, a special focus is placed on superior lighting quality and the correct orientation of the light source. With a top performance of up to 197 lm/W, PrevaLED Bar G4 LED modules are specially designed for these challenging applications – whether in integrated recessed luminaires or trunking systems, for example in supermarkets or manufacturing plants.

Excellent lighting quality – glare-free
Since the LEDs are arranged in three rows, the module comes with a reduced luminance, ensuring homogeneous, glare-free illumination. In addition, a recess ensures shadow-free wiring. PrevaLED Bar is compatible with 3x11 standard lenses with numerous different beam angles, allowing to adapt it to individual lighting tasks. The light can thus be directed precisely to wherever it is required. Available in various variants featuring different light colors, lengths and luminous flux rates, the modules can be perfectly dimensioned to suit the special needs of every project.
What’s new is the differentiation between HV types for serial and LV types for parallel connection.

Low-maintenance, long-lasting system
OT FIT D NFC FL LED drivers stand out due to their long service life of up to 100,000 hours and their innovative CLO function – simply ideal for setting up particularly reliable, low-maintenance systems. And thanks to their extra-flat housing (only 16 mm high), they integrate smoothly into slim luminaires and track systems. Just program these highly efficient drivers conveniently via NFC to achieve superior lighting quality with a ripple current of less than 1 %.

Provide for optimal lighting conditions – in industry and retail alike!