OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 LP for luminaires with excellent light quality

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29.11.2017 | Electronic Control Gears

New compact LED drivers in the OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 product family

With OSRAM’s new range of OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 LP, lighting manufacturers and planners benefit from flat, compact luminaires with maximum performance, high flexibility, outstanding reliability and durability.

Now you can develop even more compact spotlights, downlights and LED wall lights (round or panels) without sacrificing on light quality.

OSRAM’s OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 LP LED drivers are available in 15/25/40 W. They are produced in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and will be available mid-December.

The so-called window drivers come with a LEDset interface in order to ensure that the driver output currents can be precisely adjusted to suit a large variety of COBs and LED modules. Thus they cover a wide range of wattages and currents and support future generations of LEDs with their future-proof design.

The LEDset resistor needed in each case can be calculated using the following formula (regardless of manufacturer):

Rset[Ω] = (5V/Iout [A]) × 1000

Set up to meet demanding requirements in terms of flexibility and adaptability, the new range is ideal for spotlights and downlights in shops, hotels, the hospitality industry, living areas and office buildings.

Create the luminaires of tomorrow today:

  • Suitable for use in emergency lighting systems, DC capable
  • Strain relief for independent installation with through-wiring

Product name



Product name


OT FIT 15/220-240/500 LT2 LP4052899490673
OT FIT 25/220-240/700 LT2 LP4052899490697
OT FIT 40/220-240/1A0 LT2 LP4052899490734

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