OSRAM ICUTRONIC – the clever choice!

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23.04.2021 | Products

Reduced to the essentials, but without compromise on quality and reliability: The new OSRAM ICUTRONIC product range

LED technology allows almost unlimited design flexibility in today’s modern world. Innovative features of LED drivers offer new possibilities in terms of luminaire configuration and usability. But what if the budget is limited and still a high level of functionality and quality is still needed?

Our new ICUTRONIC LED drivers have been specifically designed to meet these challenges. ICUTRONIC stands for the intelligent reduction to the essentials. Essentials that provide real benefits in the application combined with the well-known OSRAM quality.

The ICUTRONIC portfolio provides solutions for numerous different luminaire types and budgets – starting from basic switchable to sophisticated products featuring DALI dimmability. ICUTRONIC LED drivers are not only convincing in daily use but also easy to handle in terms of luminaire design and production, thanks to the integration of the ICUTRONIC DALI products into our smart Tuner4TRONIC configuration tool chain.

In many projects tight budgets often require compromises which lead to the reduced usability and reliability of the lighting installation. The intelligent focus on high value features and product quality makes decisions easy. ICUTRONIC – the clever choice!

For more than 100 years we have been developing functional and high-quality lighting components.
OSRAM – Improving light by innovation!

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