OSRAM launches DALI-2 certified LED drivers

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06.10.2017 | Products

OSRAM is one of the first in the world to launch DALI-2 certified LED drivers

OSRAM has begun converting its existing DALI LED driver portfolio to DALI-2 – and more products will follow. By doing so, OSRAM continues to deliver reliable and future-proof digital lighting control systems based on DALI. The greatly improved multi-vendor interoperability reduces commissioning effort.

The DALI-2 trademark and certification process are administered by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies whose main aim is to grow the market for digital lighting-control solutions based on IEC 62386.

Product certification by DiiA promises significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared to the current DALI systems on the market. Backwards compatibility to existing DALI installations was taken into consideration. Only certified DALI-2 products will be eligible to carry the certification mark, issued by DiiA, and only DiiA members can certify their products.

DiiA members are working collaboratively to develop new functionality beyond the current IEC 62386.

Products which have successfully passed DALI-2 certification can be found on the DiiA web page.

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