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The new technical application guide for PrevaLED Flat AC G2 is now available!

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14.12.2016 | Products

The new technical application guide for PrevaLED Flat AC G2 is now available!

PrevaLED Flat AC family allows extremely flat designs for large as well as standard-diameter luminaires with diffusers. The module creates ultra-homogeneous light. The optional functions cater to the requirements for corridors and circulation areas, including emergency lighting and additional energy saving via motion sensing.

PrevaLED Flat AC G2 is one solution to create flat and homogeneous diffuser luminaires. Saving energy can be achieved by using sensor technology instead of switched applications. And, as these sensors are inside the luminaire, an attractive application design is possible.

PL-FLAT-AC emergency lighting
For the emergency-lighting-capable versions, a distinction must be made between emergency lighting for single battery systems with local power supply (L-EM) and emergency lighting with central battery systems (C-EM) according to IEC 60598-2-22

PL-FLAT-AC HF motion detection
The integrated sensors of the PrevaLED Flat AC G2 Master and HF motion detection version can be configured regarding detection area, hold time of lighting and ambient light sensitivity. This guarantees maximum flexibility and individual applications according to the prevailing market trend of miniaturization and complexity reduction.

PL-FLAT-AC Master/Slave system
From a money-saving perspective, the PrevaLED Flat AC G2 Master/Slave system also gives our customers advantages as one Master device can be combined with up to ten Slave devices, which are much less expensive. Thus, a total setup of eleven luminaires per system is possible.

The dimmable DALI version with a dimming range of 1-100 % offers the benefit of a Touch DIM function, a corridor function and can be easily programmed with T4T software.

Download now the new guide and read about all innovative functions for PrevaLED Flat AC G2 Master/HF/DALI versions.

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