PrevaLED Linear G5: high efficiency and cost effectiveness combined

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19.07.2019 | Products

Outstanding flexibility to design powerful premium-quality lighting systems

OSRAM’s 5th generation PrevaLED Linear modules provide a large number of useful options which support you in creating premium-quality, cost-efficient lighting installations. These slim high-performance modules stand out due to their superior efficiency and durability. Thanks to their extra-small, flexible form factor, they are simply ideal for designing highly compact and powerful luminaires. And last, but not least: The small LED pitch ensures a particularly homogeneous distribution of light.

Performance at its best
High luminous flux, a large selection of light colors and excellent color rendering: The superior lighting quality of these linear modules proves extremely valuable, especially in office and industrial lighting applications. Combined with OPTOTRONIC Linear LED drivers, the modules are a perfect match - simply ideal for both SELV and non-isolated luminaires.

Flexible drivers
To design highly efficient luminaires, just combine the modules with versatile OPTOTRONIC Intelligent LED drivers. Fully programmable via software, the DALI window drivers achieve high lighting quality thanks to a low ripple current. In addition, the maximum current output range can be flexibly adjusted via the LEDset interface.

When operated in a system (consisting of LED drivers and LED modules), OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee; the product guarantee period is 5 years. For more detailed information on guarantee conditions, refer to

Realize powerful and efficient systems in office buildings and industrial applications!