Reliable detection sensor technology from OSRAM

Light Management Systems (LMS)

25.01.2021 | Products

One sensor for various control tasks: thanks to the DALI-2 standard
Precise and reliable sensors are a key prerequisite for efficient light management that enables maximum energy savings with constant comfort – and that is therefore the backbone of state-of-the-art lighting installations. Thanks to DALI-2 certification and close cooperation with other controller manufacturers, OSRAM DALI sensors and couplers can be conveniently integrated into various types of lighting and building management systems. The OSRAM sensor portfolio provides you with everything you need to implement efficient solutions for the most diverse requirements in a large number of projects. And the DALI-2 standard ensures that the devices are compatible with other lighting controllers. A luminaire with an integrated sensor can thus be used for a larger number of applications. This enhances flexibility and speeds up the implementation of even large projects.

Setting benchmarks in terms of reliability and durability
In addition to the predefined DALI-2 mode, both the sensors and the couplers support a manufacturer-specific mode, making it easy to replace the sensors in existing installations. A simple push of a button or a software command are sufficient to change between modes. Based on our many years of project experience with the DALI standard, OSRAM devices stand out due to their excellent performance, reliability and durability.

Compact sensors for luminaire integration
The two DALI SENSOR LS/PD LI G2 and DALI SENSOR LS/PD LI UF G2 are the perfect choice for integration into luminaires. The mounting frame included in the scope of delivery makes it easy to mount the DALI LS/PD LI G2 from the inside out and vice versa. The ultra-flat version has been optimized for integration into extra-slim luminaires. With its low installation height of only 11 mm the sensor is one of the flattest of its kind available on the market. A passive IR element, whose detection radius is individually adjustable via shutters, provides for reliable presence detection.

Flat design for seamless ceiling integration
Extra-flat sensors from OSRAM are the perfect choice for integration into recessed ceilings. Thanks to its low installation height, the DALI SENSOR LS/PD CI G2 seamlessly fits into the ceiling structure. Wire springs provide for easy mounting and snug fitting in the recess. The presence detector is supplied with power via the DALI bus. Several sensors can be connected to one DALI line. With a diameter of only 50 mm, the system consisting of the DALI COUPLER MULTI3 G2 and the LS/PD MULTI 3 CI sensor disappears in the ceiling and is almost invisible. The swivel sensor head makes it easy to adapt the detection area.

One coupler for all purposes
The DALI COUPLER E G2 is sort of the “Swiss Army Knife” among the couplers available today. It allows the integration of presence sensors with a switching output and light sensors with a 0 to 10 V interface into the DALI world. Featuring an adaptable light sensor, the DALI COUPLER LS HIGHBAY G2 proves its outstanding lighting control strengths when used in high rooms. Combined with the HIGH BAY or VISION sensor it covers a large presence detection range. And thanks to radar-based detection technology, the combination of the DALI COUPLER HF G2 and the DALI SENSOR COUPLER HF LS LI is the perfect solution for integration into IP-protected luminaires.

Pushbutton signals via DALI
For an efficient setup of the lighting installation, the DALI COUPLER PUSHB G2 enables the connection of up to four standard pushbuttons per coupler to the same DALI control unit. And due to its compact design (only 20 mm high) it fits smoothly into almost every recessed box.

Make your solution even more flexible – with sensors and couplers from OSRAM!