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Simple color and brightness control for standing luminaires

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17.04.2019 | Products

Touch DIM TW for OSRAM Tunable White LED drivers and dual pushbuttons

The new Touch DIM TW (2-channel) function from OSRAM provides a simple, user-friendly control solution for standing luminaires and similar applications: The light color and brightness can be controlled conveniently via a dual pushbutton – without the use of additional control electronics (dimming, switching and setting). Touch DIM TW is available for all OSRAM Tunable White drivers and can be configured by means of the Tuner4TRONIC software in the “Tunable White Touch DIM” operating mode.

The Touch DIM TW offers you the following options:

  • The brightness and color of the direct and indirect components can be defined together (the direct and indirect components are synchronized)
  • The brightness and color of both the direct and the indirect components can be defined separately and independently of each other
  • Separate control of the direct and indirect components (only the brightness can be defined, color setting is not supported)

Download our overview for more detailed information and circuit diagrams.

The Tuner4TRONIC software for Touch DIM TW configuration is available for download at