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Simply perfect for dimmable LED spotlights: OT FIT 8/18 CS PC

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15.11.2019 | Products

The compact LED driver for the convenient retrofitting of conventional MR16 luminaires

Even today, they can still be found in many hotels, bars and restaurants, retail shops and offices as well as in department stores and hospitals: MR16 halogen spotlights. In fact, they have been the light source of choice for many years – but those who want to save energy and costs in today’s modern world rely more and more on cutting-edge, durable LED lighting technology. If you want to retrofit old MR16 luminaires with little effort and in no time at all, OPTOTRONIC FIT 8/18 CS PC and PrevaLED COIN 50 CoB from OSRAM are ideal for you. This forward-looking solution consists of the compact, dimmable LED driver, which seamlessly integrates into the existing luminaire architecture even in case of space constraints, and a cylindrical LED module which can be installed with just a few simple steps to replace an obsolete MR16 halogen spotlight.

Compact and powerful

The compact LED drivers offer a number of attractive advantages. The abbreviation "PC" in the product name OPTOTRONIC FIT 8/18 CS PC stands for "phase-cut", i.e. for leading- and trailing-edge dimming in the 100 to 5 % range. The low ripple current provides for superior lighting quality, and flexible current setting via DIP switch ensures superior functionality (i.e. no programming and no resistor required, large selection of output currents from 100 to 450 mA). OPTOTRONIC FIT 8/18 CS PC are available with plug-in or screw terminals for both integration into luminaires and stand-alone installation.

At a glance

  • Dimmable LED drivers for leading- and trailing-edge dimming
  • 4 output currents conveniently adjustable via DIP switch
  • 8 W: 100/120/155/180 mA
  • 18 W: 225/325/350/450 mA
  • 100 – 5 % dimming range (amplitude modulation)
  • Ripple current < 5 %
  • Version with plug-in or screw terminals (SC)
  • Strain relief housing for stand-alone installation

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