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Special light colors for Fashion and Food: PrevaLED Core G7 LED modules


18.04.2018 | Products

The quality of light makes the customer stay longer in the store and may support the buying decision. PrevaLED Core G7 special light colors for Fashion and Food are an excellent upsell for an enhanced shopping experience.

Fashion applications: Brilliant colors and high contrast

The PrevaLED Core G7 Fashion types underline the attractiveness of styles and clothes. There are two choices for a dedicated light impression statement:

  • Natural color tone (S35): The natural color tone S35 puts the focus on the brilliance and natural impression. High contrast and excellent color renderings in a close to sunlight spectrum.
  • Vibrant color boost (S34): The vibrant color boost S34 makes clothing look highly attractive and may even support the decision making of customers. Vibrant colors accents in combination with brilliance, make the difference.

Food applications: Fresh tasty food colors

The PrevaLED Core G7 Food types create light impressions for fresh and tasty food. There are special food types for the following applications:

  • Bread (927): Warm tone and crusty appearance for fresh bread and bakery products.
  • Fruit and Vegetables (S35): Spice up your vegetables and bring out the brilliance and natural tone of fruits.
  • Meat (S40): Tasty and fresh with dedicated color point and excellent contrast of marbled meat and sausages.
  • Fish (S65): Cool color temperature emphasize the freshness of seafood and fish.

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