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23.09.2019 | Products

New: The OT FIT 380 D NFC HC L high-performance LED drivers for horticulture and industrial lighting

Provide your plants with all they need to grow strong and healthy – including the perfect lighting! Equipping your greenhouses with powerful lighting systems is an effective approach to optimizing your horticulture area. With its OT FIT 380 D NFC HC, OSRAM is now launching an LED driver which is tailored meet the particular requirements of luminaires in greenhouses and also the special challenges of industrial facilities.

Compact power in a slim design
This linear LED driver supplies LED modules with high power of up to 380 W and a nominal voltage in the 150 to 550 V range. It thus allows you to connect a large number of powerful LED modules in series – while being able to respond flexibly to specific requirements: Thanks to its wide 400 to 1400 mA output current range, the driver can be conveniently adapted to various modules and currents.

All in one: significant energy savings and a long service life
OT FIT 380 D NFC HC L can help you to save a great deal of energy in the long term: The LED driver is equipped with the Constant Lumen Output (CLO) feature and stands out due to its long service life of up to 100,000 hours. OSRAM grants a 5-year product guarantee for the LED drivers. For more detailed information on guarantee conditions, refer to

Thinking further ahead
With its comprehensive design and certification, this horticulture driver complies with the requirements of almost every European and American market.

Learn more about the new high-performance system for horticulture lighting now!

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