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SYSTEM GUARANTEE of up to 10 years: Extended OSRAM guarantee for LED drivers and LED modules operated in a system


06.11.2018 | Products

OSRAM has successfully upgraded its product guarantee to an extended system guarantee for OSRAM modules and OSRAM LED drivers operated in a system.

Frequent demand clearly demonstrates that industrial facility operators, outdoor lighting designers and facility management companies are greatly interested in an extended guarantee.
OSRAM has extended its guarantee for LED modules and LED drivers operated in a system to a so-called system guarantee.

For selected products operated in a system,

  • the 3-year product guarantee has been extended to a 5-year system guarantee, and
  • the 5-year product guarantee has been extended to a 7-year system guarantee.

The 8-year product guarantee provided for industrial LED drivers operated in a system in combination with the PrevaLED Linear G4 or PrevaLED Brick LED modules and in Constant Lumen Output (CLO) mode has now been extended to a 10-year system guarantee.

From now on, the following new products are also included in both the product and system guarantee:

  • OT FIT IND (Industry)/OT FIT UF (11 mm flat)
  • OSRAM LED drivers with NFC interface as well as
  • OTi DALI TW drivers.

What is so special about the OSRAM product and system guarantee is the fact that it applies from the first failed product onwards – and not just to product failures above the published product failure rate, as is the case for the guarantees provided by certain other market players.

The following has always applied to the OSRAM guarantee:
Within the scope of our guarantee, customers can choose between free-of-charge product replacement and a credit note for every product of the series mentioned below which failed due to a material or manufacturing defect.

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