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Technical application guide for PrevaLED BRICK


10.12.2019 | Products

Know-how about the high-power LED module for efficient street and outdoor lighting

Smart, conveniently and flexibly adaptable infrastructures are of prime importance in both street and outdoor lighting. The new PrevaLED BRICK LED module family allows you to follow this trend and develop highly reliable, efficient and future-proof lighting systems in combination with innovative 1DIM/4DIM LED drivers. The technical application guide provides you with comprehensive background information on smooth integration into luminaires as well as on correct mechanical, electrical and thermal connection.

Know-how for optimized installations

The technical application guide explains you how to combine PrevaLED BRICK with OPTOTRONIC 1DIM and 4DIM LED drivers in order to create efficient systems. You will learn everything about the optical, thermal and mechanical properties and advantages of LED modules, enabling you to make best possible use of these LED drivers.

Benefit from our application guide for highly efficient street and outdoor lighting!