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24.02.2021 | Products

Simple and safe: The innovative CONNECTION System for LINEARlight FLEX and TEC Flex IP00
When installing LED lighting technologies, you want to make sure to get everything right and build robust, high-performance systems from the very beginning. With the new, innovative CONNECTION System specifically designed to work with LINEARlight FLEX and our new TEC Flex IP00 LED strips, OSRAM has created a unique and highly reliable solution for a problem that has been troubling OEMs and installers for quite some time now.

Easy to connect and assemble without requiring the use of special tools, this solution significantly speeds up the installation process. All it takes is a few simple steps, and your LED strip installation is ready for use. Plus, it helps you avoid miswiring and therefore makes the risk of system failure due to wrong polarity a thing of the past.

Error-free and professional
A solution that is unparalleled on the market, the CONNECTION System solutions for LINEARlight FLEX and TEC Flex IP00 is intuitive to use and requires no special training. It will help you build fail-safe, state-of-the-art LED strip systems that will impress your customers with their efficiency and reliability. These solutions work for 2pin and 3pin as well as for 4pin connections and cover a broad range of OSRAM LED strip products.

Any error-free installation is good for you and your customers. That is why it is important to know how to handle, install and connect our LED systems correctly. As your reliable partner, we at OSRAM always want to support you in the best possible way. Discover the easy and safe use of our innovative CONNECTION system and our new LED strips TEC Flex IP00 or LINEARlight FLEX. The new quick installation guide for these products gives you all the information you need.

The quick installation guide for LINEARlight FLEX and TEC Flex IP00 with the new CONNECTION System from OSRAM is online now! With concise product information, clear instructions and helpful images, it shows you how easy it is to install these innovative products. Well-structured and informative, our guide will navigate you through all the steps of assembly. Implement your next installation easily, safely and without errors!

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Learn more about innovative CONNECTION System for LINEARlight FLEX and our new TEC Flex IP00 LED strips now.