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The easy way to use Tunable White and HCL

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15.12.2020 | Products

The powerful Compact family: OTi DALI 35 and 50 NFC TW LED drivers

When it comes to state-of-the-art lighting systems, not just system efficiency, but people, are the main focus. Therefore, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) concepts are being used more and more to replicate constantly changing natural daylight and its biological effects to indoor spaces. The compact, DALI-2-certified OTi DALI 35 and 50 NFC TW drivers are the perfect choice for all those who want to implement both Tunable White and HCL installations in a simple and user-friendly manner without compromise in terms of high lighting quality. When used in shop applications, these innovative LED drivers allow you to adapt the light color in order to present the products on display in the best light. Furthermore, they enable targeted adaptations to create the appropriate room atmosphere for any specific purpose.

High performance, efficiency and variability
These two constant current drivers both support two operating modes in order to implement these lighting systems in the most flexible manner. In addition to the default DT8 mode for Tunable White, 2-channel operation with DT6 is optionally possible (e.g. for the independent control of direct and indirect lighting). Via the NFC interface the T4T software from OSRAM makes it easy for you to program the light temperature and brightness in no time at all. Dimming, switching and color commands can be intuitively assigned to luminaire groups in order to create the appropriate light atmosphere depending on the time of day. This makes it easy to effectively implement HCL concepts for various fields of application. Besides being suitable for spotlights and downlights, the drivers are also ideal for panel luminaires which enable efficient and powerful solutions in office buildings, shops, restaurants or hotels. The compact devices can be integrated into luminaires, and the optional strain relief facilitates independent installation and through looping.

Designed for demanding projects and the IoT
Intelligent functionalities such as CLO, Soft Switch Off and DIM to Dark optimize energy consumption while at the same time extending the service life of the whole system. And thanks to their low output ripple current and precise amplitude dimming in the 1 to 100 % range, the window drivers feature very high lighting quality.

Tunable White and HCL: simply perfect for future-oriented lighting solutions!