The new IoT-capable light management system

Light Management Systems (LMS)

07.10.2020 | Products

DALI Pro 2 IoT – the DALI-2-certified LMS for the IoT age

DALI Pro 2 IoT from OSRAM is a new light management system (LMS) which is fully certified according to the current DALI-2 standard and stands out due to easy, browser-based commissioning.

Equipped with an integrated WiFi dongle, DALI Pro 2 IoT can be conveniently commissioned via a WLAN hotspot. Both the assignment of individual luminaire groups and the setting of lighting profiles can be performed on a tablet or smartphone, etc. Pre-programmed lighting profiles – such as “Single Office”, “Open-plan office”, “Hallway” and so on – which have already been created in the system can greatly simplify these tasks.

In addition, the light management system provides the option of using the proven PC programming software. As with its DALI Professional predecessor, certain basic functions can be easily defined directly on the device at the push of a button – and light-emitting diodes show the current status of important device functions (e.g. “Power”, “Online”, “WiFi”, etc.).

Advantages of the Cloud connection
The IoT gateway integrated in the device allows the user to access data remotely – and thus benefit from state-of-the-art Cloud functions. To mention just one example: Via an energy monitoring function, essential, up-to-date data can be monitored online for both the lighting installation and individual luminaires or sensors. Facility management thus becomes much easier: The persons responsible can react promptly – for example, if a device must be replaced (key word “predictive maintenance”). All luminaire groups of the installation can of course be viewed in full detail.

Compact device, easy installation, a wealth of possibilities
Thanks to its integrated 230 V power supply, DALI Pro 2 IoT can be directly connected to the mains. Furthermore, DALI Pro 2 IoT provides several interfaces for the integration of cutting-edge building management systems such as KNX. Featuring a compact design (key word: “small form factor”), the device can even be conveniently installed in narrow spaces in no time at all. It is suitable for permanent indoor installation in dry spaces, in distribution cabinets or in small housings with DIN rail. Only six horizontal pitches are taken on the DIN rail (i.e. a total of approx. 107 mm), leaving enough space for the installation of other devices.

The DALI Pro 2 IoT LMS comes with two integrated DALI connectors (DALI A and DALI B). This means that up to 128 luminaires (2 x 64) and up to 126 switches or sensors can be connected, defined and managed per device. Several DALI Pro 2 IoT units can be connected to each other within a lighting system. The first version supports German and English; further language variants are in the planning stage.

Commissioning DALI Pro 2 IoT in no time at all – watch the video tutorial now!

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