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High flexibility for flat lighting systems: The product family OT SLIM 24V CV Flat

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25.05.2020 | Products

Flat LED drivers for various indoor projects

Slim linear OT SLIM 24V SELV constant-current LED drivers perform well in many applications. Thanks to their very flat housing and the cable clamp for independent mounting, all options are open to you. These durable LED drivers prove their worth especially where slim luminaires or tracks are used. The new range now offers more wattages and a significantly smaller housing. Therefore, the product family with 30, 60, 100, 160 and 250 watts is one of our smallest in this power range.

Flexible installation
Due to their slim design, the drivers can be optimally integrated into lighting systems with limited space. The devices facilitate through-looping and are suitable for the operation of protection class II luminaires in indoor applications. Due to their robust design, the drivers are also designed for cold and warm ambient temperatures and provide very stable output power.

Versatile application
The drivers support a very wide range of applications: from handrails and narrow light coves in offices or shops to area lighting and the installation in light boxes. In addition, OT SLIM 24V CV LED drivers have high electronically reversible short-circuit, overload and overtemperature protection. A strong package for powerful lighting with high reliability and durability.

Create slim installations with the small OT SLIM 24V CV!