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Fashion and food in special lighting from OSRAM


21.01.2019 | Products

Make your choice from OSRAM‘s wide range of systems for trendsetting luminaires – and get fit for the future today

Brilliant colors and high color contrast are essential to effectively present goods. PrevaLED Core G7 Special Colors from OSRAM are simply ideal to highlight fashion and food in the perfect light. Excellent lighting quality creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers while enhancing the appearance of your products. Combined with the OPTOTRONIC LED driver, all the technical prerequisites for optimal lighting are met.

Choose between 2 application alternatives for your shop:

  • Natural color tone (S35): The natural color tone S35 puts the focus on brilliance and natural appearance. High contrast and excellent color rendering in a close-to-sunlight spectrum.
  • Vibrant color boost (S34): The vibrant color boost S34 makes clothing look attractive and may even support the decision making of customers. Accents in vibrant, brilliant colors make the difference.

OSRAM offers 4 different colors for food applications:
Light colors which make food look fresh and tasty. PrevaLED Core G7 LED modules specifically designed for food are ideal to highlight fresh and tasty products. Special types are available for the following foodstuff applications:

  • Bread (927): Warm color tone to present fresh bread and bakery products in the best light.
  • Fruit and Vegetables (S35): Create an appetite for your vegetables and inspire your customers by the brilliance and natural color shades of fruit.
  • Meat (S40): The perfect light color ensures that the products in your counter look tasty and fresh, emphasizing the various color contrasts of meat and sausages.
  • Fish (S65): Cool color temperatures highlight the freshness of seafood and fish.

OPTOTRONIC OTi DALI NFC drivers combine maximum flexibility and system match for light control functions – from the dimming of individual luminaires, the grouping of luminaires right up to light scenarios. In addition, status information can be queried from the light source and transmitted to a lighting control unit or building management system. And thanks to the Tuner4Tronic software and NFC interface, programming becomes easier than ever before, making the LED driver highly flexible to suit various LED modules and their parameters.

The OPTOTRONIC OT FIT LT2 S driver is another possible combination with PrevaLED Core G7 Special Colors. It offers great versatility with minimum dimensions. The output current can be flexibly adjusted via LEDset – simply ideal for the most varied applications. The low ripple guarantees high-quality, flicker-free light. OSRAM provides a complete system portfolio combined with various advantages, including a system guarantee and perfect system solution.

Three OSRAM lighting control products match perfectly with the PrevaLED/OPTOTRONIC system. DALI ACU BT is a plug-and-play solution for up to 32 LED drivers and supports an unlimited number of pushbuttons. DALI PCUs and DALI MCUs automatically synchronize with the LED driver for convenient dimming and switching.

Click here for detailed information on the PrevaLED Core G7 Special range, the LED drivers and light management systems:

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