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Tuner4TRONIC Field app update: easier maintenance and installation

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21.01.2021 | Products

Programming and maintenance of LED drivers
With the Tuner4TRONIC (T4T) software suite, luminaire manufacturers can speed up their production process by programming OSRAM drivers via DALI and/or NFC in a very simple, fast, reliable and cost-effective way. The new updated T4T Field app v2.2.1 provides additional benefits.

Editing constant lumen output data (CLO)
With LED drivers featuring CLO, the reduction of lumen output due to aging over the LED lifetime can be compensated by defining an output current profile. The Tuner4TRONIC Field app now allows the editing of the CLO profile in luminaries.

Reading monitoring data
The latest version of the Tuner4TRONIC Field app now allows you to read monitoring data from drivers, e.g. lifetime counter, data for usage diagnostics or predictive maintenance data.

Easier installation and maintenance
The Tuner4TRONIC Field app considerably simplifies the installation of both indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, saving a great deal of maintenance time. The app is ideal for programming OSRAM LED drivers in the field – wirelessly and without a mains connection.

The number of drivers supported by Tuner4TRONIC is steadily increasing, thus providing manufacturers with an even broader range of opportunities. Please check the list of LED drivers supported by the Tuner4TRONIC Field app:

Stay up to date and download the new, advanced T4T Field app from Google Play Store or AppStore.

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