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Tuner4TRONIC update Version 3.4

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07.02.2018 | Products

Featuring new OT 4DIM NFC LED driver support and Tunable White for constant voltage LED drivers

OT 4DIM NFC LED drivers:
Tuner4TRONIC v3.4 now supports the new outdoor OT 1DIM and OT 4DIM NFC LED driver family. These drivers can be programmed wirelessly via NFC without connection to the mains supply. The Configuration Locks enable the luminaire manufacturer to provide multi-level password protection of the driver against unauthorized modifications.

The following drivers are supported:

  • OT 20/170-240/1A0 4DIMLT2 G2 CE
  • OT 40/170-240/1A0 4DIMLT2 G2 CE
  • OT 75/170-240/1A0 1DIMLT2 G1 CE
  • OT 110/170-240/1A0 1DIMLT2 G1 CE

Tunable White:
A Tunable White lighting system consists of at least two LED modules with different colors (warm white and cool white). The light of both LED modules is mixed in such a way that the light source is perceived as a single light emitting element. To control and mix the levels of the LED modules independently, the LED driver must have at least two output channels.

The new Tunable White feature in Tuner4TRONIC is supported by the following constant voltage LED drivers:

  • OTi DALI 50/220-240/24 TW
  • OTi DALI 80/220-240/24 TW
  • OTi DALI 160/220-240/24 TW

Update your Tuner4TRONIC software now and download the new Version 3.4: