UltraFlat light and presence sensors for luminaire integration

Light Management Systems (LMS)

19.11.2017 | Products

More design freedom for intelligent, autonomous and DALI-controlled luminaires

This new generation of sensors with a height of only 11 mm opens up previously undreamt possibilities for extremely flat design-oriented luminaires. Despite their compact dimensions, the sensors are characterized by above-average precise and reliable light and presence detection.

Together with OSRAM’s 11 mm OPTOTRONIC DALI LED drivers, the sensors build a unique UltraFlat system solution for high-end indoor luminaires.

The sensor LS/PD DALI LI UF now allows the integration of flat design-oriented luminaires into control solutions from leading manufacturers for state-of-the-art automation of lighting on the room, floor and even building level.

The LT2 version of the sensor simplifies the build-up of intelligent single luminaires, combining manual dimming and switching by a standard push with automatic daylight- and presence-dependent light control. As it is directly connected to and supplied from the LED driver, an additional control unit is obsolete.