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Update now: Tuner4TRONIC v3.9 is available!

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07.05.2019 | Products

Including new features for Tunable White applications

The Tuner4TRONIC and NFC-capable OSRAM LED drivers save time and costs in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of luminaires. The update to Tuner4TRONIC v3.9. allows you to control two new functions, both part of the Tuner4TRONIC Premium Package.

Touch DIM TW
OSRAM has integrated the Touch DIM functionality into its Tunable White drivers. From now on, two pushbuttons can be connected to just one driver. One pushbutton is used for dimming (as was the case in the past), whereas the second serves for color control. Alternatively, the second pushbutton can be used to dim a second channel. For this application option, the LED driver must be configured with the Tuner4TRONIC software in the “Tunable White Touch DIM” operating mode.

Dim to Warm
This function allows automatic color temperature adjustment based on the current output dimming level. Low dimming levels result in cooler color temperatures, whereas higher dimming levels produce warmer color temperatures. This behavior is similar to that of conventional incandescent lamps. To use this function, the LED driver must be connected to an LED module supporting two color temperatures.

More standardization thanks to Tuner4TRONIC
With its Tuner4TRONIC, OSRAM supports luminaire manufacturers in standardizing their production process in order to avoid costs through additional software systems and staff training. At the hardware level, the NFC technology is a major benefit for luminaire manufacturers: The FEIG NFC device can not only be used for OSRAM drivers, but also functions with NFC drivers from third-party manufacturers. At the software level, Tuner4TRONIC provides a decisive advantage: With Tuner4TRONIC Machine, luminaire manufacturers can integrate the software into their own production tool.

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