Use the right resistor for perfect dimming

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20.02.2017 | Products

The OPTOTRONIC OT 60/220-240/12 DIM P LED driver is the latest member of the OPTOTRONIC 12V family. The protected driver is available in stock and perfectly fits with any applications where it is necessary to control the light output accordingly.

In many countries, the regulation of lighting pollution has become stringent and it is necessary to reduce the light output of signage.

OSRAM’s LED driver portfolio for both 12V and 24V offers versions with dimming function enable to control the light output accordingly

In fact, it is possible to reduce the light output by simply applying a suitable resistor to the terminals of the 1…10V dimming connection.

The attached table helps you to find the right resistor value to reduce the light emission:

Product description


OT 80/220-240/24 DIM P 4008321981677
OT 120/220-240/24 DIM P 4008321981691
OT 240/220-240/24 DIM P 4008321981714
OT 60/220-240/12 P DIM 4008321981714

Download the dimming table from the website to set up the necessary light reduction.

Dimming table for OPTOTRONIC