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Wireless lighting control – now easier than ever before

Light Management Systems (LMS)

24.04.2020 | Products

Integrating DALI-2 luminaires and sensors into Qualified Bluetooth Mesh networks
Retrofitting lighting installations and making them fit for wireless control has never been so easy. HubSense from OSRAM is simply ideal for transforming installations in existing buildings into flexible, efficient and conveniently scalable wireless systems – without intervention into the building architecture and even without the need for laying new cables. The QBM DALI CONV LI converter plays a major role in this: the world’s first DALI-2 device certified in accordance with the Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) wireless standard.

Updating from conventional to smart
The major benefit: Entering the new world of wireless lighting control does not require any special knowledge. The converter enables the simple and smooth integration of existing DALI-2 luminaires and sensors into the HubSense system. It controls up to 32 DALI-2 LED drivers in broadcast mode and also comes with an external pushbutton used for standing luminaires in particular. Since the device with a wireless range of 10 meters has no external antenna, it enables slim luminaire designs.

Combined with the ECO CI KIT strain relief mechanism, the QBM DALI CONV LI is also the perfect choice for independent installation. It thus provides the necessary flexibility for implementing various projects, enabling the time-saving and cost-efficient transition to state-of-the-art light management.

The easy way to bring the lighting infrastructure of existing buildings into the 21st century.