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26.05.2020 | Products

New: ICUTRONIC IT FIT – LED drivers for tailored performance
When it comes to complex LED lighting projects subject to high cost pressure, the ICUTRONIC LED driver range from OSRAM is now a perfectly viable alternative to our OPTOTRONIC devices: The new IT FIT constant-current LED drivers cover a smaller range of functions, but nevertheless offer all you need to create good lighting. Specially developed for general, linear or area lighting in offices, industrial buildings or shops, this product range helps you to reduce investment costs by focusing on what’s really required. They are simply ideal for use wherever superior OSRAM quality is expected, but the full scope of OPTOTRONIC LED driver functions is nonetheless not required.

To mention an example: When it comes to ripple current, a value less than 5 % is suitable for many applications – as is the case for IT FIT. In contrast to this, extremely low ripple values of less than 1 % are usually only necessary for special applications. Furthermore, not all applications require a maximum operating range or a huge choice of operating current setting options.

No compromise in terms of lighting quality and flexibility
The fact that IT FIT does not include certain functions does not mean that you must make compromises when it comes to the superior flexibility of our LED drivers: For example, every IT FIT LED driver allows you to choose between four different output currents adjustable in steps. The entire product range currently consisting of eight different IT FIT driver models provides a very large output current spectrum from 200 to 1600 mA, ensuring high flexibility depending on your individual lighting application.

Non-isolated or SELV? Both!
In addition, IT FIT constant-current LED drivers are available in both a non-isolated and an SELV version offering additional protection against contact-related electric shock thanks to special insulation between the primary and secondary circuits In this respect also, you’re still free to make your choice.

Despite all the many differences, certain details are the same for all IT FIT LED drivers. These include extra-high efficiency in the 84 to 93 % range and extra-slim dimensions of only 210 x 30 x 21 mm – also ideal for incorporation into today’s modern, particularly flat luminaires. Last but not least: Neither you nor your customers must make compromises in terms of quality features – such as the long service life of 50,000 hours at tc = 75 °C or the 5-year OSRAM guarantee for all the drivers in this product range.

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