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25.10.2019 | Products

Robust all-rounders: PrevaLED Linear IND G1 LED modules and OT IND LED drivers

Don’t make any compromise when it comes to the state-of-the-art lighting of production facilities, logistics centers or warehouses. OSRAM offers you highly robust lighting systems which not only enable you to significantly reduce your operating costs, but also allow you to benefit from excellent lighting quality. PrevaLED Linear IND G1 represent the latest-generation LED modules which function reliably even under challenging conditions, thus minimizing maintenance times and costs. They constantly provide full power even when operated under demanding operating temperatures, in humid environments or in environments contaminated by e.g. sulfur compounds.

Light for optimal working conditions
Create the best possible environment to enhance productivity and reduce error rates to a minimum. Providing a large choice of light colors, they are simply ideal for illuminating various production areas with the necessary lighting quality. And among the many variants available with different luminous flux values, you will find the most suitable solution for every field of application.

Positive energy balance
The modules are designed for operation with non-isolated OT IND LED drivers. The robust drivers have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. When combined with the DALI Pro control unit, the drivers unleash their full saving potential. Daylight or presence sensors automatically provide the correct amount of light whenever employees are present in the corresponding area.

The high quality and reliability of our lighting systems is also reflected in our guarantees: OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee and a 5-year single-component guarantee. For more detailed information on our guarantee conditions, refer to

Make industry lighting fit for the future!

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Product name

EAN 10

Shipping unit

PL-LIN-IND-Z1 1400-840 280X24-HV4052899605848240 x 1
PL-LIN-IND-Z1 1400-850 280X24-HV4052899605855240 x 1
PL-LIN-IND-Z1 1400-865 280X24-HV4052899605862240 x 1
PL-LIN-IND-Z1 2800-840 560X24-HV4052899605879120 x 1
PL-LIN-IND-Z1 2800-850 560X24-HV4052899605886120 x 1
PL-LIN-IND-Z1 2800-865 560X24-HV4052899605893120 x 1