LED backlighting and signage for industry and retail applications

Effective backlighting of surfaces is an excellent option to present your buildings and products in the perfect light – inside and outside your buildings. Cutting-edge illuminated signage provides fascinating visual options to communicate your message to a large audience. An eye-catching LED backlighting and signage is simply ideal to flexibly design customized solutions for companies and shops.

LED signage to visualize your corporate identity

Companies and shops today appreciate the many benefits of high-profile and high-impact illuminated signage. In the past, fluorescent, neon or halogen lighting was the technology of choice for industry and retail display lighting. Today, state-of-the-art OSRAM Digital Systems LED modules provide far better alternatives for advertising that attract great attention.

See your car in the best light with tuneable white

Precise control of illuminated signage applications

The precise control of shades of white and the virtually limitless selection of colors are major advantages for the design of modern LED backlighting solutions and illuminated signage. And there is almost no end to the design options provided by profile lettering: simply ideal in order to effectively highlight logos, light boxes or display panels in shops and offices. Single- or double-sided light-emitting surfaces are very popular in modern advertising. They are an effective means to make sure that billboards and information panels stand out and grab attention –whether indoors or outdoors. Using modern LED luminaires, you can now design a wide range of versatile light effects which were virtually impossible with conventional technology – and you also benefit from lower energy bills and lower environmental impact.

Homogeneous brightness levels for advertisement and logos

OSRAM Digital Systems LED modules can be easily and flexibly connected together in order to create LED chains for the homogeneous backlighting of light boxes and profile lettering of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to their slim design, the LED modules can even be incorporated into small profiles and sophisticated commercial display solutions. Since LED modules take up less space, and profile lettering applications can now be designed in much smaller sizes than was possible with fluorescent or neon tubes.

The huge variety of colors, as well as homogeneous backlighting, are major advantages of our BoxLED and BackLED modules. They are the perfect choice to achieve brilliant shades of white and vibrant colors in light box and profile lettering applications.

LED backlighting for luminous ceilings is another application which is constantly gaining in importance. These ceilings not only provide a pleasant atmosphere and the right light setting in the building, but the use of special color effects transforms your rooms into worlds of experience. The OSRAM Digital Systems light management system enables the precise control of color temperatures and color scenarios, including switching between warm and cold white, different color sequences and automatic dimming functions.

OSRAM provides a large portfolio of LED modules that come in different sizes, offering lighting designers the flexibility to create custom backlighting and signage solutions that you’re your individual requirements.

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