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Lighting up the future of farming

Controlled plant growth and groundbreaking quality: OSRAM Horticulture components offer flexible solutions for your lighting systems.

Designing the future of growth and farming with innovative lighting technology

Arable land is becoming an increasingly scarce resource all around the world. However, for a long time already, it has been possible to successfully cultivate food crops indoors – in technologically controllable environments such as greenhouses and vertical farms. What’s the key to rich harvests? Highly automated lighting and tailored solutions that are adapted optimally to the needs of the plants, enabling predictable and continuous growth.

But Horticulture Lighting is much more than simply growing crops – it includes growing flowers, or also applications such as greenwalls or stadium grass growth.

The linchpin of the new technology:

OSRAM components for LED plant lights. No matter if standard or customized solutions: from the first consultation, where we discuss your requirements, to development and technical analysis, to product validation and product release – we are there to guide, advise and support you every step of the way.

In addition to standard components, customization is key.

Whether you require powerful standard components or customized solutions – we are here to provide you with the perfect combination of LED drivers, LED modules and light controls for your greenhouse application. The standard OSRAM portfolio already offers 380 W solutions.

Coming this summer, we will add two versions of 500 W and 1,000 W solutions to provide you with even more powerful and efficient options, either as a version without a housing or an IP67 version. With OSRAM Horticulture components, you can not only simulate outdoor growing conditions – you can even surpass them.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of light spectrum and light engine design, combined with our access to leading technology in horticultural chip development, you could not have a more expert partner at your side to deliver exactly what you need.

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New system Solutions for Horticulture Lighting

Learn in this online training about New and efficient ways to support designs in horticulture lighting.

Designed for greenhouse applications – OSRAM Horticultural lighting systems offer the right components for your lighting solution.

LED drivers

OT FIT 1000/220-400/1A6 D NFC 2CH HC B (EAN: 4052899624429)
OT FIT 500/220-400/ 1A6 D NFC HC B (EAN: 4052899624436)

Professional Horticulture Applications

  • Top lighting, inter lighting and vertical farming
  • Supplemental lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
  • Photoperiodic lighting and photo-morphological control
  • Urban farming and controlled environment farming
  • Algae grow lights and agriculture lighting
  • Agricultural lighting
  • Fish & Poultry lighting

Consumer Horticulture Applications

  • Consumer horticulture applications

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Your benefits at a glance

Full service

Thanks to the special know-how of our experts, we can offer you a full customization service that leaves no wish unfulfilled. OSRAM is a one-stop shop for the widest range of lighting applications and can therefore provide high performance and quality in all relevant areas.

Tailor-made design

We have already developed a wide variety of different LED light engines and thus know what it takes to meet your specific requirements down to the last detail. You decide on the specifications of your LED light engine and we will deliver right on target. Furthermore, our LED modules can be designed to be a perfect system fit with our OPTOTRONIC drivers and light management system components.

Cost efficiency

When designing your tailor-made LED light engine, we also take cost efficiency into account. This results in solutions with a top price-performance ratio. Moreover, our global supply network for electronic components also offers further cost savings for you.