OSRAM ICUTRONIC – the clever choice!

Reduced to the essentials, in high quality: the new ICUTRONIC product line

LED technology offers almost limitless possibilities. New functionalities in LED drivers enable the easy and flexible configuration of luminaires optimized for their specific use. Our state-of-the-art OPTOTRONIC LED drivers transform every luminaire into a controllable light point in the IoT – from anywhere in the world, at any time.

But what if the budget is limited even though high functionality is needed and quality is key? We have developed our new ICUTRONIC products for just these challenges.

ICUTRONIC stands for the intelligent reduction to the essentials. Essentials that provide benefits in the application – day by day – and all this, of course, in proven OSRAM quality.

The ICUTRONIC portfolio boasts versatility – from switchable basic products to technically innovative products featuring DALI2 dimming and DATA functionality . It covers the entire range from small compact LED drivers for spotlights right up to powerful drivers for outdoor and industrial applications. ICUTRONIC LED drivers are not only convincing in terms of usability but also demonstrate a high level of flexibility and efficiency in luminaire development and production thanks to the integration of the ICUTRONIC DALI products into our smart Tuner4TRONIC configuration tool chain.

The intelligent focus on high-value features and product quality make decision making easy. ICUTRONIC – the clever choice!


ICUTRONIC – the clever choice!

ICUTRONIC offers quality lighting solutions at an affordable price while delivering reliability and functionality that you can trust.

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Product Family overview – make your choice

ICUTRONIC Indoor Compact
ICUTRONIC Indoor Linear
ICUTRONIC Outdoor Compact
IT FIT 4/220…240/400 CS I
IT FIT 7/220…240/700 CS I
IT FIT 11/220…240/500 CS I
IT FIT 15/220…240/700 CS I
ICUTRONIC DALI "non-isolated"
ICUTRONIC IT FIT "non-isolated"

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