Horticulture lighting by OSRAM – growing stronger

Horticulture lighting by OSRAM – growing stronger

Successful indoor farming begins with products from OSRAM

When it comes to hothouse lighting, high lumen output and the right light spectrum are crucial. With the brand new OPTOTRONIC FIT HC LED drivers with power groups from 400W to 1,000W in combination with fully customizable PrevaLED BRICK boards, OSRAM offers the perfect choice for high-performance lighting in horticulture. With our easily customizable modules, you can choose from a wide range of spectral distributions and lighting concepts to meet your needs for your plant in its specific growth phase.

The right lighting system for every need
But we can do even more. We offer the matching LED module and LED driver as a “system of systems” for interlighting solutions that allow you to achieve further optimized lighting conditions. The interlighting is installed closer to the plant, avoiding shadows and gaps in illumination and providing the plant with ideal growth stimulation.

OSRAM LED modules also suitable for smaller projects
Where there is little space for large hothouses, vertical farms have sprung up in recent years. They provide fresh, locally grown herbs and vegetables for more and more city dwellers. Our PrevaLED BRICK LED modules with high-power or mid-power LED technology are ideal for creating the right compromise between homogeneity and efficiency in such farms.

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Experience meets innovation
Our more than 100 years of experience in light spectra and light source design, combined with our access to leading technology in horticultural chip development, allow us to deliver the right components for any lighting project.

Individual concepts for every horticulture project
For our experienced partners who know exactly what is best for their plants, we co-develop modules, drivers and control systems to create the most suitable lighting product. Customizable solutions – whether drivers or boards perfectly tailored to your needs – are a great advantage for your project. Or are you looking for a “horticulture starter kit”? We offer application-proven standard modules that allow you to get the most out of most plants.

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Cusomiziation is key
Every plant is different – and so is every farm. That’s why OSRAM Digital Systems not only offers standard solutions, but also provides customers with exactly the light they need, in the form of customized systems.

At a glance: OSRAM components for effective farming

Designed for greenhouse applications – OSRAM Horticultural lighting systems offer the right components for your lighting solution.

LED Driver +

LED Modules +

OSRAM Horticulture: Lighting up the future of farming

The key to high-yield plant growth? Strong light and tailored solutions that are optimally adapted to the needs of plants and vegetables. The result: predictable and continuous harvests, one of the most important benefits of indoor farming.

Arable land is becoming an increasingly scarce resource all over the world. Food production is increasingly reaching its limits. Every year, more people need to be fed around the world, but the climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, with the help of professional horticultural lighting with LED technology, indoor farming is becoming one of the most important solutions for the future of food.

OSRAM is using innovative lighting technology to shape the future of agriculture
Every plant variety is different. And so is every farm. That’s why it’s important for us to supply you and your customers with lighting components for horticulture that are precisely tailored to the respective plants and cultivation situations. Whether you need powerful LED components for overhead cultivation or are looking for expertise in vertical cultivation or intermediate lighting (interlighting), we can supply you with exactly what you need. Our customized system solutions are optimally matched to the needs of the plants, enabling predictable and continuous growth. LED drivers and LED modules from OSRAM can be relied on, and they have multiple uses: from food production to floriculture, from greening walls to stadium turf.

The numerous applications of indoor farming
In addition to food production, flower production also increasingly relies on indoor farming. In the form of “living walls,” plants are increasingly found in office and residential buildings. There, they not only improve the psychological well-being of employees or residents, but also purify the air and lower the ambient temperature – a crucial factor in view of climate change. In sports stadiums, horticultural lighting ensures optimum growth of the turf. And last but not least, private customers are also increasingly interested in growing lettuce and herbs in their own homes.