Industrial lighting by OSRAM – the simple path to modern and smart lighting solutions

OSRAM offers a flexible toolkit for any type of indoor industrial lighting project.

There are numerous reasons to upgrade industrial lighting. From new installations to refurbishments – with OSRAM you can make it happen.

Wired or wireless installations? It’s a crucial decision to make when lighting up warehouses, production lines or other industrial settings, as both have their advantages.

Firstly, going wireless has never been easier. The all new wireless HubSense system from OSRAM offers multiple advantages, no matter whether you’re thinking about production halls, logistic areas or warehouses. A lighting upgrade only involves the installation of new, radio-controlled luminaires, sensors and control elements on existing cable infrastructure, and no additional gateway needs to be used. All of this is extremely easy to install and commission. Plus, setting up the infrastructure is quick, and the system is easily scalable and contributes to energy savings. And of course OSRAM connectivity technology is security-certified – and offers maximum security.

In wired installations, the DALI Pro 2 IoT comes with a built-in gateway and provides a simple way to access cloud applications – so your lighting installation is IoT-ready. The benefits of integrating this system? Easily commissioned via a web browser, the DALI Pro 2 IoT sends system alerts via e-mail, offers an easy overview of the lighting installation via a dashboard, and gives remote access for adaptations and corrections without the need for being onsite. The system can be connected to third-party clouds via APIs as well.

Besides the light-management system, high-quality LED drivers and modules are crucial for an efficient, lasting and intelligent industry lighting solution. The OSRAM OT FIT and OTi DALI IND drivers (linear solutions) and IT DALI/OT 2DIM (round luminaires) in combination with PrevaLED IND and BRICK are designed for demanding industry applications – they offer an extended lifetime and a guarantee of up to 10 years, withstand higher surges, ensure very low ripple to avoid machine disturbances, and can operate in very cold as well hot areas. DEXAL and OT Wi Wireless Drivers enable you to enter the wireless world.

In addition to offering the perfect connected solution for your projects, OSRAM also supports luminaire manufacturers in making their production more efficient. OSRAM’s Tuner4TRONIC is a powerful software solution for development, production and maintenance. It supports different production concepts – from the individual programming of small driver batches to automated mass production. Your product and programming data is secure and easy to manage. Always and everywhere.

In a nutshell: our industrial lighting systems offer maximum flexibility, efficiency and ease of use. No matter which application, no matter whether wired or wireless – with OSRAM you have the right partner for your industrial projects in a connected world.

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The simple path to modern and smart lighting solutions

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