OSRAM LINEARlight & OPTOTRONIC: a promise that shines over time

Fully featured LED systems to turn a unique lighting design into long-lasting success.

Light, flexible as fabric: At OSRAM we care about technical details to let you design any place as the perfect pleasant place to stay. Architecture, stores, hotels, open spaces – creatively and innovatively lit with LED strips, profiles, drivers and sensors. All of them are designed to deliver the highest quality and reliability, proven over decades in iconic installations worldwide.

LED technology has introduced unlimited possibilities to create emotions and communicate with light. Lighting that follows and emphasizes even the most dramatic shapes of architecture, ultrathin and non-obtrusive light beams spanning from wall to wall illuminating open spaces or highlighting objects’ surfaces.

OSRAM supports this: Our versatile and highly configurable LINEARlight Flex Strips and FINESSE light line solutions and our award-winning OPTOTRONIC LED driver portfolio and controller products offer our clients high-quality tools to turn their ideas into reality.

LINEARlight Flex Strips shine cut to length and almost invisible, FINESSE light lines offer countless possibilities in extremely compact shapes: different optics for wall-grazing or wall-washing effects, matte or clear covers – and always exactly the right length.

All lighting components can be easily combined into a system that remains fail-safe, flicker-free and true-color/fade-resistant over many years, even under demanding operating conditions.

In addition, as dimming can stress light engines and affect their lifetime and quality of light, we invented SDT Safe Dimming Technology. It is embedded in our systems and it lets dimmed LEDs perform as if they were not dimmed – for an extended lifetime and stable output.

We offer countless combinations and customization options. And we test rigorously in simulated real-life applications and provide multi-year guarantees to present our customers with security. OSRAM develops technology that inspires creativity. And it lets your project shine as designed for many years.

OSRAM – Thinking new light!

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