OSRAM HubSense –
The simple path to a modern lighting system

OSRAM’s HubSense wireless system components minimize installation time and costs.

Flexible, wireless and easy to install: OSRAM’s HubSense is the new standard for modern lighting systems.

There are numerous reasons to upgrade your office lighting or industrial lighting. With OSRAM HubSense, installation is clean, fast and inexpensive.

Sensor-controlled, dimmable, flexibly programmable: a lighting infrastructure based on the latest technology saves a lot of money and at the same time provides a comfortable work environment. Still, many of the people in charge are wary of modernization – out of concerns about the effort involved, structural works and downtime in offices during renovation.

This is where OSRAM HubSense comes in: the complete lighting control is wireless and decentralized via the Qualified Bluetooth Mesh radio standard. The advantage: no new cables need to be laid, nor must a gateway be used. A lighting upgrade involves only the installation of new, radio-controlled luminaires, sensors and control elements, which are easy to install and commission. Within a truly brief time, dimmability, daylight harvesting or presence detection easily become part of the daily business.

And this works with anything from a single office to an entire factory – because HubSense is scalable and easily expandable at different times. Modernization can be carried out in stages, the transition from traditional to LED technology happens step by step and smoothly.

Setting up the new infrastructure is easier than ever: the lighting settings are pre-configured via a web app and quickly commissioned on site using a smartphone. The configuration can be easily modified later by the facility manager – for example, if a new office tenant has different requirements. Thanks to the solid and standard protocol, the Qualified Bluetooth Mesh, the transmission has excellent performance and security against manipulation.

Why should you choose HubSense? Because we supply all the components you need to implement and set up office and production-space lighting with HubSense technology from a single source. After all, OSRAM develops innovative products for our customers that you can rely on.

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