Light – divers as life

Do you know the quote by architect Le Corbusier about light? “The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”

It perfectly captures the obsession most architects have with the role of light in buildings, their interior and exterior spaces, facades and even the landscape architecture surrounding them.

We at OSRAM couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, as it underlines how light can make the crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful design.

But it is not only in our collaborations with architectural studios that my colleagues and I here at OSRAM see the impact that bespoke lighting concepts can have on a project. It’s something we observe across many other sectors, too.

We’ve seen our LED strips – flexible light sources that can be bent into shape like fabric – transform buildings, facades, spa areas, saunas and even furniture. They can play a key role in providing safety, from emergency lighting in aircraft cabins to sterilizing kitchen appliances.

In buses, trams and on boats they can provide a better experience. LEDs even help balance our mental health by imitating daylight where natural sunlight is scarce. Our project documentations illustrate how LEDs are being used to realize quite heterogeneous types of ventures.

It would be a pleasure for our team to help you find out how we can highlight your own design projects.

Whatever you want to achieve, we support you throughout the entire process – from first idea to successful delivery. We offer guidance, tools and exactly the technical support you need.

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