OSRAM Tunable White – Light for working, Light for living

With our Tunable White technology, you can experience the light you need – wherever you are, at the office or at home!

Good lighting is essential for our work. Light for reading, light for concentration, light for manual work. Our needs for lighting are as different as our tasks. Even more so when working and living spheres are blending, as they are doing in our home offices.

We all know how light influences our mood and body: the energizing, bright blue light at midday on the peak of a mountain, or the relaxing, warm, yellow light before sunset by the sea.

The sun has programmed this mechanism into our biorhythms for thousands of years. OSRAM Tunable White connects to this mechanism and enables you to choose the best light for your work. Our innovative solutions comprise LED light sources and drivers as well as light-management components, giving you the choice to boost your focus on demanding tasks or calm down after a long working day … or simply follow a daylight-like automatic HCL (Human Centric Lighting) scheme.

OSRAM Tunable White systems are already recognized for enhancing the working environment. But our solutions are also supporting you at your personal workplace – your home! Tunable White ensures precisely adjustable white tones without color casts at any point in the spectrum. This gives you pinpoint control over the atmosphere you want.

From affordable, manually controlled to pre-programmed complete lighting set-ups that can be adapted by an intuitive app. OSRAM Tunable White is scalable, from a single luminaire at home to a complete lighting system for large spaces. High-quality light, energy-efficient and durable.

Just as you would expect from OSRAM – thinking new light for more than 100 years.

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