Professional tools to support your OSRAM components

Driver Selector & Digital OT-Poster NEW

With the new Driver Selector & Digital OT-Poster you can simply find your desired LED driver and create your individual driver overview by selecting the product families, characteristics, features, applications or filter by attributes for your needs – always with the latest product portfolio.

Find now your desired LED driver from our huge portfolio

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer online tool helps to identify the right combination of LED modules and driver based on your technical specifications of your luminaire project.

Configure now your System Solution for your needs

Digital Flex/Area-Poster

Design your individual OSRAM Flex/Area-Poster for an always up-to-date overview of our flexible Linear LED strips and CV LED modules

With the digital Flex/Area-Poster you can simply create your individual OSRAM LINEARlight Flex or Back/BoxLED overview by selecting the product families, classes and attributes you are interested in – always with the latest product portfolio (daily updated).

  • Choose desired family, classes and attributes
  • Filter portfolio for only NEW or PHASE-OUT products
  • Filter portfolio on any attribute
  • Output your overview on screen or export as CSV (excel) file
  • Bookmark your individual configurations
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Speaking code generator

1- Make the selection for each choice

2- Check the description of your choice

3- Send the speaking code to your OSRAM contact for detailed information

Generate your Speaking Code for LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE White & RGBW here Generate your Speaking Code for LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE InGround here Generate your Speaking Code for LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE G2 here


By entering only some basic data in the online software LED deSIGNer automatically calculates the exact number of components of LED modules, ECGs and mounting profiles for a given application.

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ECG Replacement Finder

The best solution to replace your defective control gear.

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OSRAM Flex configurator

Achieve your FLEX solution with our updated configurator!

Step by Step support to even more possiblitities!

Our configuration tool supports you step by step.

Start designing now!