Cozy atmosphere with DIM to Warm


06.01.2020 | Trade

New: The D2W variants of PrevaLED COIN COB LED modules

To create a particularly cozy lighting mood, you now have a further option: the range of PrevaLED COIN COB LED modules now also includes variants that control the light color even warmer when dimming. In no time at all, you can create a feel-good atmosphere similar to candlelight – perfect for bars, restaurants and hotels.

Upgrade by simple retrofit
Thanks to their classic form factors, LED modules are an uncomplicated replacement for conventional MR16 and AR111 luminaires. Due to the simple installation, the entire lighting system can be upgraded significantly by simple means. The true strength of the modules becomes apparent in dimming when the light color changes gently and continuously from a warm 2,700 K to an extra warm 1,800 K in the low dimming range – and all this with a CRI of >90.

Integration into high-quality lighting systems
The integration into a professional light management system is not a witchcraft either. A combination with the compact OTi DALI LT2 NFC LED drivers is ideal for this. They have a wide output voltage and operating range and can be set quickly and flexibly via LEDset, DALI or NFC. Together with the DALI MCU digital rotary dimmer or the DALI PCU and DALI ACU BT control units, both of which can be installed in standard flush-mounted boxes, control systems are created that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Rely on fast and easy retrofit with extra warm light!