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OTi DALI box for ready-to-connect LED drivers

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06.01.2020 | Trade

OTi DALI box: LED DALI driver with pre-mounted cable clamp and resistors

Unpack, connect – time saved. Following this motto, the installation of OSRAM LED drivers gets even easier now: with the new OTi DALI boxes. The OPTOTRONIC window drivers OTi DALI LT2 NFC with 15, 25, 35 and 50 watts are now available in a practical all-inclusive package. LEDset2 and NFC technology are combined in one driver for easy and precise current setting. Programming of the drivers can be done via the free Tuner4tronic Field App on your smart device, when this allows NFC progamming. Each package contains the LED driver with pre-mounted cable clamp and resistors with which the most common output currents can be set via the LEDset interface without additional programming.

Fast and easy connection
The compact SELV LED drivers can be easily addressed via the DALI-2 interface or manually via Touch DIM. They also offer flicker-free dimming down to 1 % and enable LED modules to be easily integrated into a professional light management system. With the new OTi DALI box, installers who rely on high-quality and future-proof systems minimize their own installation work.

More speed – with the OTi DALI box!

Product name

EAN 10

OTi DALI 15/220…240/1A0 Box4062172058421
OTi DALI 50/220…240/1A4 Box4062172058483
OTi DALI 25/220…240/700 Box4062172058445
OTi DALI 35/220…240/1A0 Box4062172058469