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BackLED S Plus G3

Product family features
  • Connected with flexible cables
  • Type of protection (modules): IP66
  • Color rendering index Ra: > 80
  • CE marked, ENEC certified, UL recognized component
  • Lifetime (L70/B50): 50,000 h
  • Module efficacy: up to 130 lm/W
Product family benefits
  • Uniform illumination at high LED pitches thanks to Square Lens technology
  • Modules are compatible with BackLED mounting profile
  • Significantly better application efficiency compared to systems without lenses
  • Several options for quick and simple mounting: bolting or snap-in
  • Consistent white light (Standard Deviation of Color Matching SDCM: < 3)
  • ENEC certified
  • 5 year guarantee
Equipment / Accessories
  • BackLED mounting profile BA-SM-MP
  • Several types of OPTOTRONIC 12 V power supplies available


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Color temperature
Color rendering index Ra
Luminous flux per LED module
Nominal wattage per LED module
Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
BA-S-PL 830 G3
3000 K 80 37 lm 0.33 W 110/108 lm/W
BA-S-PL 840 G3
4000 K 80 39 lm 0.33 W 116/114 lm/W
BA-S-PL 865 G3
6500 K 80 39 lm 0.33 W 116/114 lm/W

Information about Family

The IP66-protected and robustly encapsulated LED modules of the BackLED S Plus G3 are joined by flexible cables and both CE marked and UL listed, with a long lifespan and module efficacy of up to 130 lm / W. This module is particularly useful for signage and illuminated advertising; you can also use it to light small and/or flat channel letters and to backlight single or double-sided light boxes. You can install it outside, permanently, as long as it is within an enclosed light box or channel letters. BackLED S Plus G3 gives you consistent white light (SDCM < 3), uniform illumination at high LED pitches thanks to its Square Lens technology, and significantly better application efficiency than systems without lenses. BackLED S Plus G3 is ENEC certified and comes with a 5 year guarantee.
Areas of application
  • Signage and illuminated advertising
  • Backlighting of small and/or flat channel letters
  • Backlighting of single and double-sided light boxes
  • Permanent outdoor use in enclosed light boxes or channel letters

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