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BA-TW-PL 827-865 G2

Product family benefits
  • Flexible programmable lighting moods in connection with light management systems
  • Uniform backlighting of large surfaces thanks to extremely wide angle optics
  • Simple fixing with M3 screws
  • UV and IR-free light preserves exhibits
  • Consistent white light (Standard Deviation of Color Matching SDCM: < 3)
  • 5 year guarantee
Areas of application
  • Daylight simulation
  • Spas
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Museums, art galleries
  • Permanent outdoor use in enclosed light boxes or channel letters
Equipment / Accessories
  • Seven types of OPTOTRONIC 24 V power supplies available
  • BoxLED mounting profile BX-MP

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Technical Data

Electrical data

Nominal voltage

24.0 V

Nominal wattage per LED module

4.8 W

Accidental reverse input voltage protection up to

24 V

Input voltage range

23.5…24.5 V

Type of current


Photometrical data

Light color LED


Luminous flux per module chain

9200 lm

Luminous efficacy

95.8 lm/W

Luminous flux per LED module

460 lm

LED module information

Number of LEDs per module


Number of LED modules per chain


Minimum operable number of LED modules


Dimensions & weight

Product weight

1400.00 g


130.0 mm


12.3 mm


35.0 mm

Temperatures & operating conditions

Temperature range in operation at Tc point

-25…55 °C

Temperature range at storage

-25…85 °C

Additional product data

Product remark

Modules perfectly matched to OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED drivers (see relevant table)/For current photometric data and important safety, installation and application information (see the technical parameters apply to the entire module. In view of the complex manufacturing process for light emitting diodes, the typical values given above for the technical LED parameters are merely statistical values that do not necessarily correspond to the actual technical parameters of an individual product; individual products may vary from the typical values


Dimming range

5…100 %

Certificates & standards

Type of protection




Approval marks – approval


Logistical data

Commodity code


Packaging information




Dimension l x w x h



4052899452954 FS

Folding box

1 461mm x 297mm x 51mm 1840.00g 6.98dm³
4052899452961 VS

Shipping box

5 473mm x 328mm x 292mm 9777.00g 45.30dm³



Flex Configurator
Flex Configurator
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Accessories optional

Information about Family

The robustly encapsulated, IP66-protected modules of BackLED TW Plus G2 are connected with flexible cables, and give you consistent white light (SDCM < 3) that is free of UV and IR. This protects what it lights, making BackLED TW Plus G2 ideal for display lighting in museums and for gallery lighting. It is also good for daylight simulation, spas, shoplighting, office lighting — you can install it permanently outside, if it is within an enclosed light box or channel letters. Extremely wide angle optics make BackLED TW Plus G2 ideal for the uniform backlighting of large surfaces, and using it with a light management system (LMS) gives you the option to flexibly program lighting moods. This module matches several options from the OPTOTRONIC 24 V power supply range, and the BoxLED mounting profile BX-MP.
Product family features
  • Connected with flexible cables
  • Type of protection (modules): IP66/IP68
  • Light color: dynamic 2700…6500 K
  • Special robust encapsulation
  • CE marked


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Number of LEDs per module
Luminous flux per LED module
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Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
BA-TW-PL 827-865 G2
White 12 460 lm 4.8 W 95.8 lm/W