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BackLED XS Plus G4

Product family benefits
  • Optimal beam pattern to ensure light uniformity and brightness in slim channel letter design
  • Consistent white light (Standard Deviation of Color Matching SDCM: < 3)
  • Color rendering index Ra: 80
  • Completely molded housing protects PCB and LEDs
  • Easier pre-mounting with double-sided tape with extra long foil


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Color temperature
Color rendering index Ra
Luminous flux per LED module
Nominal wattage per LED module
Luminous efficacy
Data sheet
BA-XS-CP-880 G4
8000 K ≥80 28.5 lm 0.3 W 95 lm/W
BA-XS-CP-865 G4
6500 K ≥80 28.5 lm 0.3 W 95 lm/W

Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Backlighting of ultra slim channel letters