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Product family features
  • Module efficacy: up to 152 lm/W
  • Average lifetime (L80 B50): 50,000 h (temperature at Tc = 55 °C)
  • Available with luminous flux: 2,500 lm
  • Available with color temperature: 3,000 K or 4,000 K
  • High initial color consistency: ≤ 3 SDCM
  • CE marked
Product family benefits
  • Rectangular shape (540 mm x 270 mm) to fit in multiple square applications
  • Easy installation and mounting via interconnection of two modules
  • Provides homogenous light suitable for application in area luminaires
  • SELV module for easy luminaire design

Information about Family

Cost efficient system - Easy to install.

The efficiency of this light engine reaches up to 152 Lm/W and has a lifetime (L80B50) of 50.000 hours. Thanks to a small LED pitch a high homogeneity is generated and the interconnection of two modules makes the installation and mounting easy. It is also possible to choose between different light colours.
Areas of application
  • Offices
  • Hallways, corridors
  • Light ceilings

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