Product family features
  • Mounting height: 2…5 m
  • Presence detection via passive IR element
  • Light sensor operating range: 20…800 lx (measured at sensor)
  • Daylight-dependent regulation and presence-dependent control of light
  • Direct connection to DALI
  • Function indicator with two-color LED
  • Ceiling installation adapter
Product family benefits
  • Can be addressed via DALI
  • Daylight-dependent control with automatic shutdown in adequate daylight
  • Multiple sensors can be networked
  • Simple installation
  • Sensor integration in DALI
  • Power supply from DALI
  • Presence detection angle adjustable between 40…90° via integrated shutters
  • DALI based light management system integrable into building management systems
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for many OSRAM DALI control systems


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Detection angle
Maximum installation height
Type of installation
Product color
Data sheet
40…90 ° 5 m Ceiling integration White

Information about Family

As part of the ENCELIUM DALI light management system (LMS), the DALI LS/PD LI compact light and presence sensor is easy to attach to luminaires and has a direct DALI connection. The light sensor has a working range of 20…800 lx (measured from the sensor) while the presence sensor uses a passive IR element. This sensor has a mounting height of 2…5 meters and you may find it particularly good for industrial lighting and office lighting. You can install the DALI LS/PD LI in ceilings using the matching LS/PD CI KIT or LS/PD AP KIT, and can adjust the presence detection angle between 40…90 ° with the integrated shutters. It is also suitable for use with both DALI Professional and DALIeco control units, and it comes with an attachable mounting frame for luminaire mounting from the inside and outside.
Areas of application
  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Corridors
  • Individual offices
  • Open-plan offices
  • Restaurants
  • Shop lighting
  • Suitable for indoor applications