DALI PB Coupler

Product family features
  • DALI pushbutton coupler
  • 4 floating inputs
Product family benefits
  • Power supply from DALI
  • Standard pushbuttons/switches can be used
Equipment / Accessories
  • Can be used with DALI Professional or DALIeco light control system


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Dimming interface
Number of control outputs
Type of protection
Type of installation
Data sheet
No DALI 1 IP20 Integrated in flush device box

Information about Family

The DALI PB Coupler is a push button coupler for installation in wall boxes, including flush types. It is powered by the connected DALI wires, and has 4 floating inputs so you can use it to connect up to 4 of the scenes and/or effects most appropriate to your individual DALI LED installation. It integrates into DALI Professional and DALIeco light control systems, and is good choice for classrooms, conference rooms, industrial lighting (specifically production and assembly facilities) and office lighting. The DALI PB Coupler is compatible with standard pushbuttons and switches, and draws its power supply from DALI.
Areas of application
  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Suitable for installation in flush-type boxes
  • Production and assembly facilities
  • Individual offices