DALI Sensor Coupler E

Product family features
  • Suitable for daylight-dependent control
Product family benefits
  • Small housing design
Equipment / Accessories
  • Separate installation possible with ECO CI KIT


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Data sheet
DALI Sensor Coupler E
1 IP20 Luminaire integration/Ceiling integration

Information about Family

The DALI Sensor Coupler E is a compact unit, that you can install into luminaires to integrate light and presence sensors into your ENCELIUM light management system. It is suitable for use with daylight-dependent control sensors, and you can mount it on the ceiling or independently, using the ECO CI KIT. It is good for luminaire installation in office lighting and industrial lighting, in corridors and warehouses.
Areas of application
  • Connection of light and presence sensors in DALI systems
  • Ceiling or independent installation via ECO CI KIT possible
  • Suitable for external light and presence sensors
  • Installation in industry and office luminaires
  • Corridors
  • Warehouses