DALI magic

Product family features
  • USB DALI converter for Tuner4TRONIC and DALI wizard software for Windows PC
  • Pushbutton to test DALI dimming without need of connection to computer
  • Powered by USB or by included universal power supply
  • Integrated automatic DALI supply of up to 64 devices (up to 4 if powered by USB)
DALI wizard software features (included)
  • Intuitive configuration of up to 64 DALI electronic control gears
  • Offline / Online configuration of DALI installations
  • “DALI-Spy“-functionality for recording DALI line data flow

Tuner4TRONIC software features
  • Programming of OSRAM ECG
  • Suitable for the shop floor environments
  • Performs fast manual and automatic programming
  • Easily enables the use of the pre-parameterization service

Equipment / Accessories
  • Universal power supply (100…240 VAC, 5.9 VDC, 1.15 A, EU plug)
  • USB cable (male A to male B), 180 cm
  • Bipolar plug for DALI connection


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Dimming interface
Data sheet
DALI magic  
Yes 28.0 mm 76.0 mm DALI

Information about Family

Areas of application
  • Configuration of DALI ECG functions
  • Monitoring of DALI installations

References / Links
Compatible software available at www.osram.com/software
Tuner4TRONIC software available at www.osram.com/t4t